JSTOR Usage Statistics

New JSTOR Usage Statistics Reporting Tool Now Available

This site provides JSTOR Usage Statistics from 1997-2009 only. In June 2010, JSTOR introduced a new usage statistics reporting tool that is integrated with the MyJSTOR functionality on the main JSTOR site. The new tool will contain uage data for 2010 and forward. If you have any questions or need assistance with usage reporting, please contact JSTOR User Services.

COUNTER Usage Statistics for 2004-2009

COUNTER reports provide the most comparable data between the previous JSTOR platform and the new platform released on April 4, 2008. The data for the new JSTOR platform adheres to the same COUNTER processing guidelines as data for the previous JSTOR site.

JSTOR Usage Statistics for 1997-2009

The traditional JSTOR Usage Statistics reports have also been updated to include data from the new JSTOR platform.

Unlike the COUNTER reports, the JSTOR reports include options for many different areas of usage and are closely aligned to specific functionality on the JSTOR platform. Due to interface changes and new functionality on the new platform, you may notice increases or decreases in some data. Please also note these changes in the reports:

Please note that reports do not contain usage data from May 8-13, 2008 because of a technical error. We regret this error and have implemented measures to prevent the reoccurrence of the problem.

Aggregate Data for All Institutions

These graphs reflect meaningful accesses to the JSTOR archive, such as page views, print requests, and searches. Raw web server hits are at least 4-5 times higher.

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